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Steel Arches


DSI’s steel arches are cold-formed beams that have been used as reliable underground supports for over 75 years. Refined techniques about shaping steel for strength, performance, and value in the world's tunnels, mines and shafts can be applied to the benefit of your project.


  • DSI can bend I, WF, and H sections from 4" to 27" in depth
  • Steel arch curvatures range from a minimum radius of 8 times the beam depth for 4" and 6" sections to 14 times the depth of section for larger beams
  • DSI is also able to bend more than one radius in a single length of section if compound arcs are specified
  • DSI’s methods do not distort the grain flow of the metal or reduce the load-carrying capacity of the finished section
  • DSI’s methods improve camber and flange alignment


  • DSI also provides materials necessary for steel arch installation as well as support with dimensioning and engineering steel arches
  • As an additional service, DSI offers professional support during installation worldwide